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Email: samaburime@gmail.com

Minneapolis, MN USA

Welcome to Rainy Studios!

Local to Minnesota, I'm an artist who specializes in 2D Traditional Animation, Illustration, Comics, Product Design, and Project Management. I'm currently publishing my first book!

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When you become a Patron you fund my ability to pursue my own creative projects. In addition you gain access to early releases, my creative process, and other rewards!

support my work and get benefits

Hey everyone! Please check it out and support it if you're able! It was an honor to be able to contribute to this project at all! Being able to see my name alongside people working at Dreamworks, Disney, and Pixar who have worked on some of my favorite movies, it feels like my dreams are becoming more real each day!

Plus, I'm also just happy to contribute to a project that resonates with me. Being a pioneer for media representation is important to me, so contributing to a project that was also cr...

To answer, the main reason is: I don’t want to let my audience down. The most common enemy of webcomics (or at the very least online updates) is hiatus. I’ve seen it dozens of times. Blocks happen, life happens, work happens and I like to be able to post consistently. In the end, Everyone’s happy!

The second reason is: I’m putting this puzzle together out of order! I have never been a fan of straightforward workflow when it comes to plots before something is complete. I think of these books like...

 New chapter cover for Colorful Everyday Life

This series is a labor of love, and with my creative process I can't post chapters until the series is complete and every piece is in place. Until then you can read my current full chapter releases through Patreon. I currently have almost 300 pages up and ready to read. The end goal of this large project will likely result in a full 7 book volumes which I plan to self publish.

It is my largest project to date and More information about it can be found on my Patreon.

On the official page you can v...

See what life awaits Shinji and what old wounds can heal when he awakes in the Haibane realm.

Start reading here!

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