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Commissions are OPEN

(Pricing Information Below Examples)

I WILL draw:

  • Fanart

  • OCs

  • Furry characters

  • PG-13 Couples scenarios

So I can make the best art I can for you, please:

  • Clarify if you want the character(s) drawn in a specific visual style you see from me in the below examples

  • Provide visual references for your character(s) that I should follow (the more the better)

  • Specify if you have a specific pose for them in mind.

  • The more specific you are, the faster I can finish your piece!

Process & Terms:

  • Once you provide me with the above information I will send you a PayPal invoice with the details you have provided and the below terms:

    • I require full payment (PayPal) before I can begin your commission

    • Upon completion you may request minor revisions (facial features, hair, etc.) on the art a maximum of 2 times

    • My work may NOT in any way be used in AI tools or AI generation

    • You may NOT re-sell the artwork I provide you. This includes selling prints or any merchandise, or placing it on anything that will be sold (such as books)

    • You MAY freely use the art I provide you for any non-commercial personal use (As long as you're not profiting from it, the art I provide you is yours to do what you like with)

    • Upon completion you will receive the full-sized digital file (I generally work at 600dpi)

    • *Pieces are completed first come first serve. That means that if there are people ahead of you, yours may take a bit more time to get to. As I work full-time, I ask that you please be patient as I work to complete your commission.

Please contact me via the Submission form below!

Pricing Information


Black & White


(monotone color overlay also available (for example: Sepia or off-white paper tone)

  • Bust (shoulders/chest upward)

    • $50 USD per character

  • Half Body (Waist/hip upward)

    • $75 USD per character

  • Full Body

    • $100 USD per character



  • Bust (shoulders/chest upward)

    • $100 USD per character

  • Half Body (Waist/hip upward)

    • $150 USD per character

  • Full Body

    • $250 USD per character


Thanks! Message sent.

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