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Regency Beauty Institute & Cambio Education

My tasks at Cambio Education included: Illustrating step by step illustrations and animation assets for Filmbook educational content, directing photo shoots for curriculum content, and staying coordinated and organized with team production members. I also occasionally assisted in other design projects, and created imagery for props that appear in the Studio Luma film.

Brett Hummel

Chief Creative Officer at Tinket

"Samantha is a very talented creative. As an animator, she was successful in adapting to a pre-established illustration style and produced hundreds and hundreds of illustrations consistent with that style. She actively collaborated with our content experts to make sure what she was drawing was accurately represented. Week after week she also created assets for two 3-minute animated shorts, inventing characters, and drawing numerous parts and pieces to hand off to our animators for production."

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Educational Book Illustration Examples

Animated Short Illustration Examples

Film Props

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