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Haibangelion Explanations

February 23rd 2015



The previous Kaworu’s names were (are) Tabris. When they came through they were more attuned to their ‘angel’ selves but still not knowing their true nature were lost


Kaworu not wanting to die and feeling regret in 3.33 came through as complete and most like himself. That’s why his name remained the same. In 3.33 Kaworu is the most “human” he’s ever been, having compassion, patience, love as well as a desperation to make things right and survive [with Shinji].


Believing himself to be fully human (seeing as his appearance matched those around him. He at least believes himself to be previously human since Haibane aren’t officially classified as ‘human’) Kaworu/Tabris saw no difference between himself and others which further made him able to assimilate and understand others. There is no wall pointing out his differences.

Having no memory of his past gave him a blank slate to begin anew with.


As far as the piano goes I wanted Kaworu to have a silent connection with it. He doesn't inherently remember how to play at all, but he has an interest. However he finds it to be a lonely activity and after a while of playing would become frustrated. Note scattered music papers. The last time he was in the room he likely threw the papers on the floor and left, irritated. He doesn't know how to play and wish he could, but has no one to share it with (as in he doesn't feel like sharing it with Misato, Asuka or Rei). He doesn't understand why it makes him feel that way but he finally gets fed up and tells himself to forget about it.


When Shinji comes along and sees the hesitance and melancholy Kaworu has in relation to the piano (well Kaworu was good at everything right?) Shinji sees an opportunity to help him. He’s like ‘this is my chance to make Kaworu happy, he did so much just for me all this time!’ As Kaworu begins to play again, the missing piece of his puzzle is present. He begins to cry, from emotions bottled up and memories dormant and forgotten but inherently known through feeling. He cries, unsure why, but he’s the happiest he’s ever been, he’s not lonely anymore, and Shinji smiles holding him close with comfort feeling somehow just as happy.


Kaworu is also shown as a loving source of strength, but also has his weaknesses. These show in chapter 0 when he’s looking through the halls with a melancholy look on his face. Again this shows up when he confesses in ch 6. He’s shown as being silly at first but is using it to cover his worry. While Shinji is so important to him he realizes Shinji has his own mind, and may not feel the same way, or reject his explanation.

Being separated from Shinji is his greatest fear, but Shinji reassures and affirms his feelings with a newborn confidence and relief to hear how Kaworu really feels, knowing that the other isn’t just coddling him or trying to be nice. When Shinji realizes Kaworu truly (loves) him he gains a new feeling of confidence. ‘Kaworu really likes me and I’m important to him, just by being me and myself.’

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